Poetic Silliness

Ode to Morning Tea

O, delicious carrot
Thou art infinitely better than a Tim Tam
with thy beckoning orange countenance and
thy crunch most satisfying

Oh carrot, why do you wound me
with your tiny, masticated pieces
stuck behind my tonsil
I swallow and I swallow
but you are tenacious

O, celery
with your fibrous strings you try
to choke me
You will pay
You will go the way
of the carrot

© Nouvelle Fille

Ode to the Dim Sim

Oh, Dim Sim
Discretely wrapped in
your delicate, pale skin
Steamed and saucy
Your questionable contents are
the butt of many a feline jest

Oh Dim Sim, how you deceive us
With your oriental ruse and
your faux Chinese name
Your spicy pork gizzards
and sinuous cabbage
are irresistible

© Nouvelle Fille

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